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Michigan Credit Union League

CUNA Webinars

  • On Feb. 27, CUNA will offer a webinar on Regulation E: Disputes & Common Myths. The training will define the types of transactions covered by Regulation E, explain the requirements pertaining to error resolution for financial institutions and will bust Regulation E myths while answering the most common dispute questions. The webinar is offered from 11 a.m.–noon (ET) and is $219 for CUNA-affiliated credit unions. This webinar is part of the CUNA ACH Regulation E Webinar Series, which starts Feb. 27. CUNA members can access to the entire series for $595.
  • Decoding Bloomberg Analytics is the topic of a CUNA webinar being held March 8 from 11 a.m.–noon (ET). Attendees will review the Bloomberg screens most commonly used in the decision-making process and learn how to better understand and differentiate between similar offerings. The webinar is $219 for CUNA-affiliated credit unions and is part of the CUNA Latest Trends in Investment eSchool, which starts March 6. CUNA members can access to the entire series for $1,295.
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