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Community Choice Credit Union and OMT-Vehyl Make Financial Literacy an Employee Benefit

Community Choice Credit Union is currently collaborating with Holland’s OMT-Vehyl to provide free financial education to all OMT-Vehyl employees.

The collaboration between these two organizations ensures hundreds of employees have access to financial literacy. Classes include practical financial advice such as teaching employees how to establish a budget, understand their credit score, compare credit card offerings and avoid predatory lending. Classes are hosted by two experienced credit union employees, Rebecca Lamper, the Holland area member center manager, and Kendra Craven, indirect lending manager. Lamper and Craven are both actively involved in the program and have been presenting the materials over a ten-week period.

To accommodate employees from the manufacturer’s three shifts, classes are held one day per week at 7:00 a.m., 11:30 a.m. and 10:30 p.m. Each class lasts about 45 minutes, with an average of 25 employees in attendance. The manufacturer appreciates the addition of the evening classes to be able to accommodate all of their employees. This shift often contains their newest and youngest employees who need the extra help with planning for future financial success.

At OMT-Vehyl, they value their employees and understand that financially successful people work to solve problems, are creative and have a positive attitude. “This is the type of employees we want at OMT,” says Dan Shaw, OMT-Vehyl’s VP of operations. Community Choice supports this value. Karen Myers, member and community engagement AVP, said “We believe in helping our neighbors achieve the life they desire. Financial literacy is critical to achieving life’s milestones such as buying a home or sending a child to college. The concepts we teach are aimed at helping our neighbors achieve financial stability and success.”

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