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National Credit Union ISAO Convenes 2nd Annual Cyber Security Conference in Dallas, TX

The National Credit Union Information Sharing Analysis Organization (NCU-ISAO) convenes its 2nd annual conference Jan. 30–31, 2018, at the Great Wolf Lodge and Conference Center in Grapevine, TX. Bringing together public- and private-sector credit union stakeholders, the NCU-ISAO is advancing credit union cyber resilience through information sharing, operational and regulatory guidance, and workforce education.

Credit unions represent a major segment of the global financial services critical infrastructure and are increasingly leveraging technology and telecommunications to better serve their members. As the cyber threat and regulatory environments evolve, the need to manage cybersecurity risk becomes a critical priority for the industry. Founded in 2016, the NCU-ISAO is the first information sharing organization created exclusively to address threats and operational intelligence issues that are unique to credit unions.

"Today, credit unions are facing increasing threat levels due to the sophistication of attackers," said Gene Fredriksen NCU-ISAO Executive Director and CEO. "Additionally, because of the actions taken by government in reaction to recent high-profile breaches, credit unions are facing an increasingly complex regulatory and legislative environment. If credit unions are to survive and thrive in this environment, communication and collaboration is key. Organizations like the NCU-ISAO are force multipliers for each organization's cyber security efforts, and conferences such as this are an ideal environment to share and learn from credit union peers."

The NCU-ISAO 2nd Annual Conference agenda provides opportunities for both member and non-member attendees to engage in NCU-ISAO collaborative initiatives and credit union-focused cyber security and fraud themes. The event will feature both presentations and interactive discussion pertaining to cybersecurity threats, the regulatory environment, information sharing technologies, fraud, disaster planning and recovery and 3rd party service provider risk. It will also feature an Incident Response Table-Top Exercise facilitated by the Department of Homeland Security, which includes a Cyber Exercise Package for attendees to take back and use at their credit unions.

The NCU-ISAO is a collaborative, member-driven, independent non-profit organization that enables credit unions to participate in a globally trusted community that enhances security protection efforts.

For more information on attending the NCU-ISAO Conference or becoming a member of the NCU-ISAO, please visit or email Brian Hinze. Those interested in attending can use the code “MCULMEMBER” for a $50 discount off the registration price.

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