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International Credit Association Supports Michigan Credit Unions

The International Credit Association (ICA) of eastern Michigan was created nearly 20 years ago in the Great Lakes Bay region to provide a low-cost educational platform for the financial services industry in Eastern Michigan. ICA has been proud to educate not only credit union employees, but also bank, collection agency, credit bureau and repossession agency employees for nearly the last two decades. For many years, the group was honored to be able to partner with the local schools and teach a class on financial literacy, and offer scholarship money to students that participated in an essay-writing competition.

Over the past few years, ICA membership declined, as many groups have seen. With the ability to communicate electronically, the need to have a monthly meeting seemed less necessary. The membership, along with the board of directors, decided to disband the group with the 2016-2017 fiscal year. The Board of Directors decided to make a donation of the remaining funds in the ICA account to the Michigan Credit Union Foundation (MCUF), a donation of more than $10,000.

“We believe that the MCUF serves the intentions of our group and our membership by providing educational opportunities and would like the Foundation to utilize the funds specifically to support the Crasher young professionals group, financial counseling training and teen Financial Reality Fairs,” said Greg Wishmeyer, ICA treasurer and past president of Neighborhood Mortgage Solutions. “We feel that these three programs hit the heart of the ICA of Eastern Michigan and we hope that the receiving parties will continue to share their knowledge with their peers and community. Thank you, Michigan Credit Union Foundation, for having these programs and opportunities available to the credit union industry.”

The Foundation works cooperatively to help credit unions serve Michigan communities through financial education, community reinvestment and professional development support. To learn more, apply for programs or donate, visit

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