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Kalamazoo Building Trades Credit Union Merges with KALSEE Credit Union

At this year’s annual meeting, members of Kalamazoo Building Trades Credit Union (KBTCU) voted to merge with KALSEE Credit Union. A small credit union with $2.8 million in assets, KBTCU leadership and members made the decision to merge to provide expanded services to their membership.

KBTCU was organized in 1965. Started by the Carpenters Union, membership grew to encompass many more Kalamazoo unions: Plumbers and Pipefitters, Electricians, Bricklayers, Painters, Sheetmetal and Laborers and Operating Engineers. KBTCU serves these union members and their families exclusively.

KBTCU services have included savings and consumer loan products. The merger will give members easier access to their funds and many more services, such as credit cards, debit cards, online banking, ATMs, personal checking, business loans and mortgages. KALSEE’s larger staff will also be able to accommodate member needs in a timelier fashion.

Meredith Horn managed KBTCU beginning in 1974, working for several years as the only staff member. Well loved by many of the members, he is still spoken of to this day. He continued to work for the credit union until his passing in 2001.

Current CEO Lucinda Michael started with KBTCU in 1977. She has managed the credit union through several computer conversions, location changes and many new regulations. She has worked tirelessly to keep the credit union going through a rough economy for the building trades, serving members with unique, personal and forgiving loan financing.

“We’re very excited to welcome KBTCU members into the KALSEE family,” says KALSEE CEO Matt Lahman. “KBTCU’s philosophy of taking care of the hardworking tradesmen of Kalamazoo coincides with our own driving values and membership. We look forward to the opportunity to offer these members even more services to enhance their financial well-being.”

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