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Education News

  • Strategies that Produce an Exceptional ROA will be the topic of conversation during a July 31 webinar being hosted by the Supervisory Committee Academy. Brett Christensen, a well-known industry consultant will lead the session, helping credit union’s guarantee growth and prosperity by focusing on a high level of net income (i.e. earnings). The session will cover the most common reasons why a loan-to-share ratio is low, how to safely increase average loan yield, lending mistakes that result in high loan losses and how to increase direct loan volume. The webinar takes place at 2 p.m. (ET) and is available for $249.
  • The New Phase of HMDA will be the topic of a CUNA webinar being held June 28 from noon–1:30 p.m. (ET). New HMDA requirements go into effect January 1, 2018 and the HMDA data set is more than doubling, meaning there is that much more information for the regulators to look at. Learn about the changes and gain a better understanding of the new data points that will be required to begin planning the for the implementation of the changes. Registration is $219 for CUNA affiliated credit unions.
  • The Supervisory Committee Academy has just added an Aug. 15 webinar on Defining (and Maintaining) Independence for the Supervisory Committee. Examiners may consider a supervisory audit or verification unacceptable and may require a credit union to conduct new ones if they determine there was a lack of independence, competence or sufficient effort on behalf of the supervisory committee. During the session attendees discuss that this does not mean they can’t have a good working relationship with the board and management, but it does mean they must know where to draw the line and never cross it. The webinar takes place a 2:00 p.m. (ET) and is priced at $249.


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