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Education News

  • On April 19 the Supervisory Committee Academy will host a webinar on Lender Liability & Risks. Supervisory committee oversight of the lending area includes many complexities and nuances, as well as a maze of regulations. The webinar will help to simplify tasks by providing insights and clarifications into the risks in lending to better monitor the safety and soundness of the organization. Loan programs, indirect lending, real estate lending, business lending, subprime lending and programs through 3rd party vendors will be reviewed. The webinar takes place from 2–3 p.m. (ET) and is available for $249.
  • Credit unions are encouraged to listen in to a free recorded webinar being presented by CUNA. What is .CREDITUNION? is a new domain that will be an excellent tool for credit union marketing, as well as an opportunity to establish legitimacy and online security. CUNA, along with CUNA Mutual Group and CO-OP Financial Services, applied for the .creditunion top-level domain, which has been approved by the worldwide Internet Corporation for Names and Numbers (ICANN) and we will be ready for credit unions to start registering their domains starting June 6, 2017. This webinar is available to watch from April 4 until Sept. 30.
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