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Education News

  • CUNA will host a webinar on Avoiding Problem Business Loans on April 4 from noon‒1:30 p.m. ET. The risk associated with lending money to small businesses can be significant as a great majority of small businesses fail after just a few years. There are a number of steps, however, that can lessen these risks. This webinar will examine the ways in which proper credit analysis, loan monitoring, proper loan servicing and other techniques can help to avoid problem loans, and assist the lender in dealing with difficult situations when they develop. Registration is $219 for CUNA affiliated credit unions and $438 for non-member credit unions.
  • What is .CREDITUNION? is the topic of an April 4 webinar being presented by CUNA at no cost to affiliated credit unions. CUNA, along with CUNA Mutual Group and CO-OP Financial Services, applied for the .creditunion top-level domain in 2011 and in 2014 received approval by the worldwide Internet Corporation for Names and Numbers, known as ICANN. This new domain will be an excellent tool for credit union marketing, as well as an opportunity to establish legitimacy and online security. In the wrong hands, a .creditunion domain could allow someone intent on committing fraud to do so from a seemingly legitimate platform. CUNA felt it was important to protect the industry from possible fraudulent activity and allow credit unions to obtain the .creditunion domain. All of the necessary testing requirements have been completed and we will be ready for credit unions to start registering their domains starting June 6, 2017, so learn more by registering today.
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