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IGNITE Sessions at the MCUL AC&E Allow Members to Spread Their Spark and Leave Their Mark

The Michigan Credit Union League (MCUL) will be hosting IGNITE sessions at the MCUL Annual Convention & Exposition (AC&E). Eight dynamic members of the Michigan credit union movement will have the chance to take the stage and make a mark, and inspire the room. The IGNITE task is simple, but not necessarily easy: enlighten the audience, but do it quickly.

IGNITE presenters are given only five minutes to get their message across, and just 20 slides, that advance automatically after 15 seconds. Their purpose – to inspire and enlighten the crowd. Presenters can choose any topic they like: personal, professional, stories from childhood, about relatives, mentors, friends, or foes – so long as they try to inspire with their message.

The premise is that you don’t have to be Oprah or Simon Sinek to motivate, challenge or move people. There is talent and all around us, and great stories. This is an opportunity for the members of the credit union movement to share their gifts and stories in a broader way.

The IGNITE sessions are coming back in 2017 for their second year at the AC&E because of the impression the eight 2016 presenters left on the crowd.

The “official” IGNITE rules include only five minutes to present and 20 automatic slides. Beyond that, presenters can choose to talk about anything they want – anything they are passionate about, anything that will make an impact on the group. Last year’s topics were: work ethic via ice cream, the Snapchat generation, 13 Life-changing Rules, among others. Naturally, there was plenty of humor, but there was also plenty of heart, as presenters shared things that had significantly affected their own lives.

IGNITE’s five minute rule is its own challenge as last year’s participants will remind you. You get to the heart of the matter quickly, and try to fit in the flood of things that come to mind as the clock’s relentless tick-tock moves too quickly to zero. And the auto-advancing slides can be another speed bump keeping speakers laser-focused. There’s no pausing, no turning back. It’s full speed ahead no matter what.

It’s thought-provoking, and engaging in a meaningful way for both IGNITERS and listeners. 2016 presenter Morgan Rescorla notes, “Ignite is a rewarding way to actively participate. I aligned vibrant images of ice cream with verbal choreography and practiced, practiced, practiced until it was my time to present. I would certainly do it again.”

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