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MCUF Grants North Central Area Credit Union’s School Program Reinvestment Grant

In August of this year, North Central Area Credit Union (NCACU) applied for and received a Community Reinvestment Grant through the Michigan Credit Union Foundation (MCUF) to purchase and install teller stations for four school branches hosted by NCACU. The purpose of the application was to increase visibility of the school branches and NCACU’s presence in schools and to reduce the amount of materials that had to be hauled to and from the schools.

Vinyl artwork was created to make the teller stations specific to each School Branch.

“Our school branch liaisons love the new school branches and parents now make visual contact with the School Branch each time they visit the school area (cafeteria) where the branch is located. The new branches increased the real feel of visiting a branch for student members, and made working the branch much easier for both our school liaisons and our student employees,” reported Tracy Wilson, NCACU Marketing and Business Development Coordinator.

MCUF grant and program funding supports credit union community reinvestment and financial education initiatives. MCUF is fueled by cooperative donations to help credit unions serve Michigan communities. To learn more, apply for programs or donate, visit

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