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Maximizing Supervisory Committee Communications

It is never enough for the supervisory committee to simply identify potential issues within the credit union. It is incumbent upon them to communicate those issues with the board of directors and follow up on their resolution. To fulfill the critical responsibilities of the supervisory committee, it is essential that a vibrant line of communication be established and maintained with the board of directors.

The Supervisory Committee Academy will be hosting the webinar, Maximizing Supervisory Committee Communications: From the Board to the Examiners, from 2-3:30 p.m. (ET) on Nov. 16. Industry consultant David Reed will lead the training, which is available for $249.

From preparing detailed minutes to creating specialized reports and requesting in person meetings, this session will explore both the technical requirements and practical insights of establishing and maintaining active communications. Without effective communications the standard board governance model breaks down, lapses in internal controls are missed, financial irregularities are ignored and any issues could invite increased regulatory scrutiny or even litigation.

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