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Vibe Credit Union's Search for their Biggest Fan Uncovers an Unexpected Gift

Have you ever asked a simple question and been changed forever by the response? In April and May, as part of its Celebrate 80 festivities, Vibe Credit Union asked its members a simple question: “What do you love about banking with us?” Over 1,600 members replied to Vibe CU’s search for their Biggest Fan. On June 1, four were randomly selected to receive cash awards of appreciation. President/CEO, Tom Reagan said, “We have been transformed as an organization by our members’ heartfelt responses.”

The feedback spoke to Vibe CU’s brand pillars of Cutting-edge Technology, its Truly Unique Banking Experience and the Amazing Service Connection it has with its members. Chief Marketing Officer, Tyler Ross said, “What surprised and touched us most was the raw emotion expressed as well as how generous everyone was with their words of praise and stories.”

  • “You are like family...”
  • “…in one of the most difficult times in my life, Vibe stood by me.”
  • “…you were the only ones who helped.”   

These are just a few highlights from the intimate stories, spanning decades of moments, that created lifelong bonds with Vibe CU. “There are so many times when it is just not about the account or the loan. It is more about extending kindness and comfort. The human connection is what we give and ultimately get back. It is what is special about entrusting your financial future to a credit union,” said Reagan.

Check out some of the entries on the home page.

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2016-06-27 00:00:00