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AC&E Preview: Ignite Sessions 'Almost Like Improv, but it's Scripted'

Attendees at MCUL & CUSG's Annual Convention and Exposition (AC&E) can expect a change of pace at this year’s event.

In a break from the ordinary, one of the breakout sessions at the 2016 AC&E will be a series of “Ignite sessions,” five-minute speeches with fast-moving visuals aimed at enlightening and entertaining audience members. Instead of sticking strictly to credit union topics, Ignite speakers—a mix of CU insiders and others not involved in the industry—will address life experiences, their passions, causes they believe in or any other subject.

“It’s almost like improv, but it’s scripted,” said Megan Denhardt, who has hosted several Ignite sessions in the past and will emcee the AC&E event. “Sometimes people do it on something very functional, like how to market better or five ways to be operationally efficient, but we’ve found that it’s the personal stories that really resonate. We’re all more than our business cards, and this allows people to see another layer of the professional that’s next to you.”

AC&E attendees can expect entertaining and insightful Ignite talks covering topics like work ethics from an ice cream shop, the healing power of laughter and even “My Dad, the World’s First Egyptian Astronaut.”

“It’s a great lineup of diverse speakers and topics that are really going to resonate with the audience,” promised Denhardt.

She added that the program offers a break from the usual conference fare and an opportunity to connect with people on a personal level.

“In this world, we’re getting inundated with insormation; we’re all on social spaces but not necessarily connecting in real life,” said Denhardt. “It allows you to feel connected and feel a part of something and be inspired, and to potentially build connections in a different way. The folks coming forward are really sharing a personal part of their life—not just their career…It’s not buzz words, it’s not the elevator pitch. It’s the history of humankind and how we connect through stories.”

More information on the Ignite sessions is available at the AC&E website.

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