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First General Credit Union Held First Financial Reality Fair for Local Teens

On April 28, First General Credit Union hosted their first financial reality fair at Western Michigan Christian School for more than sixty 7th and 8th grade students.

This interactive learning experience simulated one month of independent adult living using income from the student’s chosen career field. Participants are provided with an identity consisting of a job, starting salary, credit score and possibly student loans.

Students are challenged to make hard choices regarding the goods and services they need such as housing, transportation, food, clothing and insurance. They learn to balance their budgets with the assistance of credit union services.

“Youth fitness has become a national priority, with an emphasis on exercise and proper nutrition,” says First General CU’s President/CEO Connie Taylor. “But with all the hurdles facing young people in the future, including historic levels of student debt, we believe financial fitness is just as important.”

“Member education and concern for the community are part of the foundational principles of our business structure,” Ms. Taylor states. “Passing along basic money skills to the next generation so that these kids might have a brighter future embodies both those principles—and that’s what we believe it means to be credit union strong.”

Financial literacy is extremely important to First General CU. We look forward to making a lasting financial impact on the student’s lives at this event.

This financial reality fair was made possible with assistance from the Michigan Credit Union Foundation (MCUF). The MCUF provides materials and training free of charge to help credit unions, chapters and groups hold these fun and fast-paced interactive sessions that can make a lasting impact on the financial understanding of teen participants. For more information visit here.

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