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National Author Brings Financial Literacy Seminar to WSU

Half of millennials have a retirement account. Only half. And two-thirds have at least one source of long-term debt—mostly student loans, according to the National Financial Capability Study.

Author Todd Romer is doing all he can to educate those in the millennial generation, as well as those in Generation X, to assist them in taking hold of their finances now to make a plan for a healthy financial future. Romer has been a strong advocate for providing relevant financial information to these generations for more than 15 years.

Romer will be bringing his successful Young Money LIVE! campus event and speaking tour to the Detroit area to present to those interested in April, Financial Literacy Month. The event will take place from 4:30-5:30 pm. on Tuesday, April 12 at Wayne State University in the Student Center’s Hillberry Room AB. This opportunity is being made possible through a collaboration and funding from the Michigan Credit Union Foundation and Extra Credit Union. Credit union members, students and the public are invited to attend.

“We strive to take every opportunity to help educate those in our community, both young and old, with various financial literacy topics throughout the year, but especially this month being Financial Literacy Month,” said Amy Persyn, marketing manager at Extra CU. “So many youth are graduating from high school not knowing the very basics of managing their money, let alone planning for the future. We are trying to do our part to reverse that trend. We love the opportunity this event is giving us to meet busy students where they are both physically and financially.”

Bringing Romer to the Detroit area is part of that effort. With a passion to help young people understand that they can master money and truly live out their dreams, Romer wrote a simple, easy-to-understand book that lays out a five step money plan for Millennials and Gen X to follow. Extra CU will be giving out 50 free copies of the book at the live event.

“The Young Money 5 Step Plan to Financial Success is for anyone who wants to dare to dream and create financial health and wealth over time in a very simple manner,” Romer describes in his book. “Whether you are in college or in your 20s, you can master this five step money plan and live a much fuller and richer life that includes helping others along the way.”

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