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Education News

  • Fraud Hunters: Understanding the Risks of Internal Fraud & What to Do will be offered as a webinar by the Supervisory Committee Academy (TM) on Mar. 15 from 2-3:30pm (ET). From embezzlement to self-dealing to unauthorized activities, the training explains why life can be dangerous in credit union land. Several highly publicized credit union failures have resulted from fraud and most examination staff believe that fraud is a hidden killer for many unwary credit unions.  Registration is $249 per connection.
  • Business Profit & Loss Statements: What a Lender Needs to Know and Ask is the topic of a Feb. 23 webinar being hosted by CUNA from 11am-12:30pm (ET). Attendees will gain a fundamental understanding of the important information contained in profit and loss statements and explore how it can be used as the basis for determining the financial health of business borrowers. Registration is $219 per connection.
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