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How Engaged is Your Team?

Did you know that CU Solutions Group offers affordable and customizable Employee Opinion Surveys? The surveys come complete with post-survey reports and analysis, as well as strategic management based on the survey findings. Our Employee Opinion Survey can give you the data you need to help avoid staff turnover and create a productive and rewarding working environment.

It measures the following employee satisfaction factors:

  • Supervisory Practices
  • Working Conditions
  • Teamwork
  • Service Quality
  • Pay and Benefits
  • Communication Systems
  • Management Practices
  • Employee Involvement
  • Credit Union Goals and Philosophy
  • Performance Issues
  • Overall Satisfaction
  • Organizational Policies

The survey contains over 70 closed-ended statement possibilities with each statement reflecting one of the factors listed above. It is electronic and handled completely by your CUSG Consultant. Once completed, the survey is published on a confidential website and an email invitation explaining the process is sent to all employees at your Credit Union. Employees enter the website via the Internet, complete the survey and submit the survey electronically. The process is very seamless and provides quick turnaround results.

Contact Lara Keathley, CCUE by Mar. 30 to receive a $500 discount on your Employee Engagement Survey.

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