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Adams: CUNA Bylaws Move Signals 'Strong, Integrated Partnership'

CUNA today announced that its board has voted to revise the association’s bylaws, including the possibility of opening the organization up to dues choice.

Those changes must still be approved by member credit unions, a process not expected to take place until sometime in early 2016.

The Michigan Credit Union League (MCUL) was a leader on the dues choice issue, electing in September to allow member credit unions the option of aligning only with MCUL and not joining CUNA. However, the league has stated again and again that dual membership in both CUNA and the league is the best bet for credit unions to advance a bold advocacy agenda both in Michigan and at the national level.

After today’s announcement from CUNA, MCUL President and CEO Dave Adams released the following statement:

“Whether credit union leaders agree or disagree with the CUNA Board decision, in my opinion, what can't be disputed is that strong leadership entails having a willingness to adapt quickly and decisively to changing market conditions,” said Adams. 

“I believe that [CUNA President and CEO] Jim Nussle and the CUNA Board have shown that kind of leadership with the decision to trust our industry's support for the independent and interdependent value propositions of both CUNA and state leagues.

Now I hope our industry's focus can be on working toward a key credit union principle: the power of cooperation and unity of purpose.

The Michigan Credit Union League looks forward to a strong, integrated partnership with CUNA that will remove regulatory barriers for our member credit unions and promote to consumers and small businesses the affordable financial services that American households so badly need.”


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