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Michigan Credit Union League

Dave Adams on CU Broadcast

David Adams, President & CEO of the Michigan Credit Union League & Affiliates (MCUL), recently appeared on CU Broadcast, a credit union talk show and video blog hosted by Mike Lawson. Adams appeared on the program to discuss the momentum that MCUL and Michigan’s credit unions have been experiencing.

They began the interview by recapping the Share the Love campaign from CU Solutions Group and Love My Credit Union Rewards. Adams relayed how well Share the Love is going and Lawson, stationed in Southern California, conveyed how credit unions’ good acts and community outreach have reverberated throughout the nation as a result of this program.

The two also shared their excitement for the amazing growth that credit unions, specifically Michigan credit unions, have been experiencing in recent years. Adams discussed the statewide rehabilitation since the financial crisis, including loan growth that hasn’t been seen for more than 20 years-and a 27 year membership growth high.

Lastly, Lawson and Adams talked about MCUL’s position regarding dues choice and the strength of the CUNA/League model.


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2015-11-17 00:00:00