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State and National Foundations Support Experiential Learning Fairs

Credit Unions wishing to be involved in a financial fair are encouraged to contact the Michigan CU Foundation for assistance. MCUF provides materials, funding and implementation guidance to assist credit unions and chapters in hosting Financial Reality Fairs for teens or Route Your Retirement fairs for adults. In addition to utilizing the MCUF materials for the fairs, credit unions looking to build a program may apply for a MCUF grant to create their own branded materials. For more information about the fairs and MCUF assistance, visit the MCUL financial education page.

Experiential learning is the process of gaining from a direct experience. Research has shown that most people learn best through experiential learning, or “learning by doing,” which is why the Foundation will support organizational efforts to start new programs or enhance existing experiential learning programs.

National CU Foundation Grants
Credit union organizations looking to start a program on a larger scale can apply for experiential learning grants from the National CU Foundation. The full call for proposals and grant application can be found here. The grants include funding for high school reality fairs, retirement fairs, and life simulations, also known as poverty simulations. Grant applications will be accepted through July 15. Funded applications will be for $10,000 or more.

“At the foundation, we’ve seen great success across the country with experiential learning financial education programs such as Reality Fairs and Retirement Fairs,” said Lois Kitsch, national program director at the foundation. “We want to build on that success and encourage credit unions to submit grant applications to improve people’s financial lives through interactive and engaging programs.”

Questions about experiential learning programs or the National CU Foundation grant process can be directed to Kitsch at (407) 616-2409 or

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