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Genisys Honored for Metro Detroit Reading Project

Genisys CU was recently honored for its efforts to help children in the Detroit area learn to read.

Genisys received the 2014 Communitas Community Partnership Award. The award is an international effort to recognize businesses working to better their communities. The accolade is given through the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals.

Genisys became involved in the reading initiative after learning that one in three adults in Michigan is unable to read above a sixth grade level and almost half of metro Detroit residents are functionally illiterate.

To combat these sobering statistics, Genisys teamed up with Oakland County Parks and Recreation to sponsor the Reading Ranger Program. All Oakland County elementary students were asked to set a reading goal for the month of March. Two hundred seventy-five schools participated and more than 22,000 students participated and reached their goals. The students who met their goals earned a waterpark ticket.

"Realizing that not only financial literacy is important, but also reading literacy is critical to the futures of our children, Genisys wanted to make a difference by encouraging reading,"

Genisys President & CEO Jackie Buchanan said. Genisys also partnered with 99.5 WYCD to visit schools in the metro Detroit area to read meaningful stories to students.

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