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Credit Unions, Coffee and Conversation: CRIF Select’s Jeremy Engbrecht



The latest episode of MCUL’s podcast series, Credit Unions, Coffee and Conversation, features guest Jeremy Engbrecht, President of CRIF Select.

CRIF Select is one of the nation’s largest providers of indirect lending solutions. They help credit unions achieve their lending goals, whether it’s through conventional loan growth, footprint expansion or creating efficiencies.

Listen Now

Engbrecht shares his expertise on indirect lending, including what lending program every credit union should have, and what’s been happening with changes in liquidity for credit unions, as well as what’s to come in the next six months.

He and Corkery also discuss delinquency and inventory in auto lending, members navigating rising prices and more that is sure to pique the interest of lenders and listeners curious about the state of auto lending.

Listen here.

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