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Michigan Credit Union Foundation Releases 2022 Impact Report, Awarded $80K in Community Enrichment Grants

The Michigan Credit Union Foundation (MCUF), an organization cooperatively empowering credit unions to increase financial wellbeing by supporting community enrichment, financial education and credit union development initiatives, has released its 2022 MCUF Impact Report.

Download the 2022 MCUF Impact Report

“This year’s MCUF Impact Report is a great way to get a comprehensive look at all the ways our foundation is helping Michigan credit unions do just what it says — make an impact! With a focus on financial education, professional development and community enrichment, MCUF’s assistance helped our movement change lives in 2022,” said MCUL CEO Patty Corkery.

Included in the report is detailed information on all 16 Community Enrichment Grants that the Foundation awarded in 2022, totaling $79,495 to help boost credit union impact.

Two recent grant initiatives show that even small credit unions and small-scale programs are making a big difference for people and families in their communities.

Start Small and Build
Community First Federal Credit Union started their emergency savings pilot program small and close to home, with CFFCU employees. They found that building just $400 in emergency savings has made staff members feel more emotionally and financially secure. With the help of an MCUF grant, the program is now available to members and includes a financial coaching and education program.

Community Influencers People Can Trust
Coastal Credit Union CEO Rob Viland knew that the key to connecting with and helping more people in Muskegon County towards better financial health is to partner with a trusted community influencer. Monthly financial education workshops in partnership with Pastor Jerry Riley and the Upper Room Church are providing hope to participants, and Michigan Coastal’ s accounts and loans are helping many participants significantly improve their budgets.

MCUF’s 2023 Community Enrichment Grants are available to help credit unions and are easy to access. This year’s grant target areas include financial inclusion, education and counseling initiatives, small business support, assisting underserved and minority communities and community crisis support.

All Michigan credit unions are encouraged to engage with the Foundation as financial donors and as participants in MCUF programs.

To see MCUF grant showcase videos, make a donation or apply for programs visit MCUF.mcul.org.

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