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TLC Community Credit Union Host impactful Fraud Awareness Seminars

TLC Community Credit Union successfully hosted a series of fraud awareness seminars to educate the community and their members on how to protect themselves from the increasingly sophisticated fraud and scams in our area.

The seminars were held at the Dundee Area Senior Center, Adrian District Library, and the Onsted Senior Center reaching a total of 140 attendees. TLC’s staff covered a wide range of topics, including identity theft, check fraud, protecting your identity and current scams. Attendees were given tips on how to recognize risks, protect their personal information, fraud alerts, credit freezes and how to avoid current scams in our area.

"With fraud on the rise, we felt it was crucial to help our members become more fraud-aware," said TLC Community CEO Jeff Brehmer. "Our seminars armed attendees with knowledge to identify risky situations and avoid falling victim. Judging by the positive feedback we received, they left feeling empowered and less vulnerable to attacks."

TLC Community Credit Union plans to build on the momentum of these seminars by continuing to post fraud prevention tips on social media and their blog TLC Money Minute.

To watch a recording of the Fraud Awareness Seminar or for a copy of the presentation visit here and click on the Webinars/Seminars area.

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