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FreeStar Financial Celebrates Veterans with Heartfelt Tributes and Community Support

FreeStar Financial Credit Union has dedicated the month of November to honor veterans in a series of heartwarming initiatives, demonstrating their deep commitment to those who have served our nation.

Throughout the month, the FreeStar Financial team donned special Veteran T-shirts every Friday, symbolizing their support. The credit union also launched a unique fundraising campaign, selling tumbler mugs and T-shirts, and accepting donations, with all proceeds going to Vets Returning Home, a vital organization supporting veterans. This is in addition to the $15,000 FreeStar Financial has raised this year to support Vets Returning Home.

In a move that resonated with the community, FreeStar Financial asked its members to submit military photos for a social media tribute. The response was overwhelming, leading to daily posts honoring several veterans, and connecting the community with the stories of those who have served.

The highlight of the month's activities was a touching Veterans Day tribute coinciding with the United States Marine Corps birthday. In a surprise ceremony, Eric Dunlap, a valued member of the FreeStar Financial team, was honored with a Quilt of Valor. The quilt, a symbol of comfort and appreciation, was presented by Kathy Millbrand from Richmond, known for her dedication to honoring veterans.

"We are incredibly grateful for the service and sacrifice of our veterans," said Chief Growth Officer Jennifer Martines. "Our efforts this month are just a small token of our appreciation for their immense contributions to our country and community."

FreeStar Financial's initiatives reflect a deep-seated respect and gratitude for veterans. The credit union's commitment extends beyond just the month of November, with ongoing support and recognition for those who have donned the uniform.

"We believe it's important to not only honor our veterans but also to actively support them," added Martines. "Our activities this month are part of our broader commitment to the veteran community and to all those who serve."

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