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MCCU Donates to Renovations at the Coldwater Community Center at the Beech House

On Nov. 4, Marshall Community Credit Union invested time and resources to renovate a room at the Beech House (formerly the Putnam Funeral Home). Two MCCU Coldwater branch team members, alongside CEO Corrie Rozell, rolled up their sleeves and rolled paint brushes to complete the renovations in the dining room.

“We believe in investing in the communities we serve,” said MCCU CEO Corrie Rozell. “Within a few hours, we brought back the hidden gem that now operates as the Coldwater Community Center at the Beech House. As we continue to grow and invest in Coldwater, we will continue to look for opportunities that support community initiatives in the area as well.”

“We were so happy with how the room turned out,” said Kathie Bappert, Board President, Coldwater Community Center. “Between painting supplies and estimated labor, MCCU donated over $2,000 to this project. Thank you to Corrie, Brandee, and Kaci for helping us bring this historic building back to life.”

In July 2022, the Coldwater Community Center, Inc. was officially incorporated as a non-profit organization and took its first steps toward transforming the historical building into a multicultural community center. In November 2022, the City of Coldwater granted a lease for restoration.

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