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Michigan Credit Unions Raise $100K on 2023 CU Kind Day

cukOn Oct. 9, credit unions across Michigan took part in CU Kind Day, an annual tradition showcasing the credit union difference through donations and volunteering. For the second year, the Michigan credit union movement took part in CU Kind Day by giving back to the community in a variety of ways.

In total, 64 credit unions and credit union partners participated, which meant 2,400 volunteers impacted more than 26,200 people and generated almost $100,000 in goods and donations to communities across the state.

The Michigan Credit Union League (MCUL) team participated in the 2023 CU Kind Day by cleaning up the playground at Lighthouse, a shelter in Pontiac that endeavors to build equitable communities that alleviate poverty.

MCUL put together a publication to show the works that the Michigan credit union movement did for 2023 CU Kind Day. You can check it out here.

2023 CU Kind Day Highlights

“It was great to once again be a part of this national tradition. When you’re out in your community as a team on CU Kind Day and know that so many of our state and national colleagues are doing the same thing, you can feel the credit union difference in action,” said MCUL President/CEO Patty Corkery. “Thank you to everyone who participated. The kindness and awareness we spread has a significant impact on our communities and really shows how much credit unions care.”

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