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LAFCU Awards $4K to Teachers to Alleviate Financial Burden

lafSince 2022, LAFCU has donated $7K as part of its Teachers Grant program that recognizes teachers' unmatched dedication and unwavering commitment to their students and the financial strain they often endure while using out of pocket money to purchase materials required to help their students succeed and thrive in the classroom.

This year, the Michigan credit union expanded the program by opening it up statewide to all Michigan teachers and increasing the grants provided. Eight teachers were awarded a total of $4,000. Each teacher received a $500 grant during a presentation at LAFCU headquarters and will use the funds to purchase materials that create more enriching and nurturing educational environments.

The winners were chosen from over 200 statewide entrants based on their online applications and explanations of how the funds would benefit their classrooms and students.

Entrants were not required to be LAFCU members but must be Michigan residents and teachers for Fall 2023.

The National Education Association stated that over 90% of teachers spent money out of pocket this year to purchase classroom supplies for their students.

“LAFCU created the Teachers Grant program after staff learned that many schools in our service area are underfunded and teachers will often pay for supplies out of their own pockets,” said Kelli Ellsworth Etchison, LAFCU chief marketing officer and chief diversity officer. “Teachers are not just instructors or educators; they’re community members who shape the fabric of our communities and have a tremendous impact on future workers and society as a whole, so we must support them however possible and alleviate that financial burden.”

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