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Zeal Credit Union Shines a Spotlight on Hardworking Americans

Zeal Credit Union announced the winners of its Hardworking Americans campaign. The campaign sought nominations from the public for community members who embody the actions and attributes of a hard worker. Six members of Zeal's community have been selected and are now being honored for making the credit union’s Michigan communities a brighter place.

Each of the six winners received a $700 prize, and $700 has been donated, on each winner’s behalf, to a local 501(c)(3) charitable organization. The nominators also received a $100 prize.

The honorees are featured in Zeal’s advertising, via video on Zeal’s YouTube channel, as well as at ZealCU.org/hardwork.


BISHOP ERIC MITCHELL | Dust Yourself Off | Video

Eric Mitchell was born in Detroit, the youngest of ten children. His early years were turbulent, but he was raised in the care of his grandmother on the east side of Detroit. He saw drugs and crime, but he knew that he would not become a statistic. He dusted himself off and worked to achieve a brighter future.

In 1996, he founded Greater Emmanual Temple of Deliverance, and serves as the church’s esteemed bishop. He is the organizer and CEO of Emmanuel Community House Outreach (ECHO), an organization which strives to advance education, self-esteem, and development of the community while offering a variety of resources including free tutoring, mentoring, college scholarships, and a community foodbank.

LINDA JUNOD | Change the World | Video

Linda Junod is passionate about helping children with disabilities and their families. A volunteer at the ARC of Downriver, Linda strives to help the children get the help that they need, and the education that they deserve.

For the many who Linda encounters in her day-to-day life, Linda is a world changer who moves mountains to make sure they have what they need to thrive.

TANIA JAMES | Lend a Hand | Video

Tania James is an active participant in bettering the Metro Detroit community where she lives. Her full-time work is for an organization that provides support to people experiencing homelessness.

In her time away from work, she continues to serve. Tania founded a nonprofit organization, and started a consulting business that helps other nonprofits. She serves on the board of the “Friends of the Leanna Hicks Public Library Foundation” in Inkster, Michigan. And that’s just scratching the surface. Tania lends a hand wherever she can make a difference, whenever it’s needed.

DR. DONNA ANGELL | Get things Done | Video

Dr. Donna Angell is a family medicine physician who has been treating individuals and families in the community for over 20 years. In addition to providing stellar medical care, Dr. Angell has a reputation for going above and beyond for her patients, making a profound impact on everyone who comes to her office.

She’s an active volunteer in the community, working to help others in need. She is compassionate, well-respected, and truly gets things done.

CHEF GEORGE HAMIEL | Reach for the Stars | Video

George Hamiel has served as the Executive Chef of the Colony Club and The Gem Theater in Detroit for over 20 years and has been a chef for 40 years.

George is not only a chef; he’s a dedicated mentor to his staff, particularly the younger kids. The younger kids see Chef George as a man who reached for the stars, who teaches them to be a success in their own lives. He leads by example as a hard worker and caring mentor to a staff that often tells him how much they value him.

He is a chef, a mentor, and works to help his team build a strong foundation that will serve them well in every opportunity they encounter in life.

COLE MESSISCO | Do the Right Thing | Video

Cole Messisco isn’t afraid of hard work. He is no stranger to overcoming the obstacles that come between him and his goals. Recently, he became a member of the Detroit Plumbers Union Local 98, achieving his goal of working in a union.

Though Cole was given job opportunities, he opted not to work for a company that was more focused on profits than helping others. His desire is to do work that changes lives – and he was determined to achieve that goal no matter how long it took. Doing the right thing has paid off.

Cole now takes part in large-scale projects working on the infrastructure of Detroit, where he is making a difference in the lives of others.

Watch All Stories on Zeal’s YouTube channel.

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