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Vibe Employees Volunteer 300 Hours for Disaster Relief

drawSince joining forces last year, Disaster Relief at Work (DRAW) and Vibe Credit Union have collaborated on several initiatives to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those affected by disasters. Recognizing the immense value of volunteer work and the significance of giving back to the community, both organizations embarked on a journey to create lasting change.

Over the past year, DRAW and Vibe Credit Union have worked together to organize three successful DRAW volunteer events, with generous support from Vibe employees who dedicated their time to the cause. These events have served as a platform for individuals to contribute their skills, efforts and compassion to helping those in need.

This collaboration has resulted in an impressive 328 Vibe volunteer hours dedicated to disaster relief efforts in the United States. These volunteer hours have directly contributed to the ongoing relief work carried out by DRAW, making a tangible difference in the lives of communities affected by disasters.

In February and April, more than 40 Vibe volunteers helped DRAW prepare for disaster relief efforts across the country. Volunteers packed a full pallet of outdoor cleanup buckets that were part of DRAW’s response to the tornado outbreak in Rolling Fork and Amory, Mississippi. Volunteers also helped prepare 48 children’s bikes that DRAW gifted to children in St Louis, Missouri, who were displaced by the massive floods nine months earlier.

“In July, 30+ Vibe volunteers helped DRAW prepare and load more than $45k in furnishings that were used to replace most of the school furniture at an elementary school in East Detroit, a community that was wrecked by the Detroit floods of 2021. We are incredibly grateful for the support of Vibe Credit Union,” said DRAW Executive Director Greg Martin.

On Saturday, September 16, 20 Vibe volunteers will be assisting DRAW as they host its 6th annual 5k Bucket Run. All proceeds from the Run will go toward relief efforts for the victims of natural disasters.

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