Michigan Credit Union League

Grand Raffle

The Grand Raffle is one of the largest fundraising events in the entire credit union movement. Tickets typically go on sale at the Michigan Credit Union League & Affiliates Governmental Affairs Conference and the drawing is usually held in November. Notification of this fundraiser is sent to credit unions via mail and email. The raffle is administered by the MCUL & Affiliates Government Affairs staff.

The proceeds of the Grand Raffle benefit the MCUL Federal PAC. The grand prize for this drawing is a choice between $20,000 towards the purchase of a pre-selected vehicle or $20,000 cash with the seller of the winning ticket receiving $500 cash. New this year a second place prize is $5,000 cash and the third place prizes are five $1,000 winners. Each seller of the second and third place winning tickets receive $100 cash. The Grand Raffle has the potential to raise upwards of $325,000.


Winners selected in the 2014 Grand Raffle:


Grand Prize: $20,000 ticket # 9463 from Bay Winds FCU

2nd Place: $5,000 ticket # 36152 from Genisys CU

3rd Place $1,000 ticket # 40765 from Genisys CU

3rd Place $1,000 ticket # 33930 from PARDA FCU

3rd Place $1,000 ticket # 57013 from Members First CU

3rd Place $1,000 ticket # 34451 from Gratiot Community CU

3rd Place $1,000 ticket # 55713 from Members First CU


Seven winners were drawn in the MCUL’s 2014 Grand Raffle, with the grand prize ticket worth $20,000 sold at Bay Winds FCU.

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