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Submission Guidelines

We love your Monitor submissions and we want them to reach the largest audience possible. In order to for us here at Monitor to help you reach your goals, we have some tips to keep in mind for your future submissions:

  1. Add Pictures: Wandering eyes are much more likely to stop on a picture of an event or employees than a simple logo.
  2. Good pictures: If a picture says a thousand words, a good picture must say even more! The better the presentation of your Monitor submission, the more inviting it will be to readers. Try to get clear, high quality photos that highlight the staff, event and participation.
  3. Details: Make sure your submission has all of the pertinent details that answer: how, who, what, why & where?
  4. Community Connection: Articles for consideration are those that exhibit credit unions doing something new and highlighting the impact in the community beyond the credit union (i.e. “this fundraiser help this person do this”).

*We reserve the rights to amend these guidelines at any time.

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