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By downloading and using the below assets your credit union agrees to adhere to the Integration Guidelines. State chartered credit unions are welcome to update the Equal Housing Lender logo to the Equal Housing Opportunity logo per HUD rules. Full-share credit unions may also wish to view the updated 2020 Rate Card, Making the Most out of Your Integration Funds for ideas to utilize your 50% contribution reimbursement.

All assets are packaged as zipped files, with InDesign native files or images where applicable.

Billboard: Auto Loan
Billboard: Better Rates
Billboard: High Tech
Billboard: Higher Rates
Billboard: Mortgages
Billboard: Switch
Digital Ads: Auto Loan
Digital Ads: High Tech
Digital Ads: Higher Rates
Digital Ads: Mortgages
Photos: Set 1
Photos: Set 2
Logos: 1 Line
Logos: 2 Line Stacked
Logos: 3 Line Stacked
Logos: 5 Line Stacked
Poster: In-Branch Auto Loan
Poster: In-Branch Mortgages
Poster: In-Branch Better Rates
Poster: In-Branch Higher Rates



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