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Michigan Credit Union League

We're excited to bring the Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union® campaign to Michigan!

When your credit union integrates with CU Link, it taps into full reach and recognition of a multi-million-dollar, statewide advertising campaign. See all the ads here.  In 2020, full fair-share campaign investors receive a 50 percent integration reimbursement that may be leveraged within the MCUL family of professional marketing partners. 

Maximizing Exposure and Reducing Cost

Because of their ongoing help making CU Link a growing success, working with MCUL's media partners comes with plenty of perks ... streamlined integration, easy invoices and a deep knowledge of credit union priorities and initiatives is just the beginning.

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Geo-targeted Advertising

GSTV gives you access to an audience that's captive, watching and near your credit union - at the gas pump. GSTV reaches hundreds of millions of viewers every month at the nation's leading gas retailers.

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Audio & Video Production

Whether your credit union is planning a promo video for your lobby or social media, your next digital radio spot, or a full-scale media buy, CUBE TV is the answer for all things audio and video production.

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Full-service Advertising Agency

DP+ an award-winning, full-service agency that provides credit unions with industry-leading creative design, digital advertising, media planning, marketing communications and more.

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