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Michigan Credit Union League

Data and Statistics

U.S. Credit Union Profile (Q3 2021)

Quarterly trends in credit union operating and financial results.

MI Q4 2017 Report

U.S. Loan-Savings Summaries (Q3 2019)

Aggregate U.S. credit union loan and savings portfolio trends since 1991.

MI Q4 2017 Report

State Trends (Q1 2020)

National and state key credit union performance ratios and statistics since 1991.

MI Q4 2017 Report

Michigan Consumers Financial Partner Report

Overview of benefits delivered by credit unions to consumers through the tax-exempt status.

MI Q4 2017 Report

Michigan Consumer Benefits of Partnership

Compilation of statistics highlighting the benefit of credit union's unique member-owned, not-for-profit structure

MI Q4 2017 Report

Frequently Requested Credit Union-Bank Comparisons

Note: Data only goes back to 2016

MI Q4 2017 Report

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