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Michigan Credit Union League

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The following is a constantly growing index of resources for Michigan credit unions during COVID-19, including operations messaging, conference updates and more utilities from federal and state organizations.

MCUL COVID-19 Response Campaign

As people across Michigan are seeking stability during these uncertain times, the Michigan Credit Union League is harnessing the CU Link campaign to calm and offer reassurance to the state’s 5.5 million members. Utilizing the talent of fellow Michigander Mitch Albom, CU Link ads are now focused on promoting the safety and security that credit unions provide. This series of ads will begin running March 27 through June 30, 2020.


Additionally, we wanted you to have the following video links for your immediate social media and digital advertising use. Whether with this message, or one of your own, it is important that credit unions, individually and cooperatively, calm members’ concerns during these particularly troubling times.

We're in this together

MCUL Conference and Event Updates

To keep you connected and informed during this current uncertain time, MCUL has put together a series of educational webinars. Each is led by industry experts and is free to MCUL-affiliated credit unions.

All webinars are free to MCUL-affiliated credit unions and available to non-affiliates for $129. Register now for our upcoming sessions or download completed webinars today.


As we are all dealing with the challenges presented by the spread of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus), the MCUL will be making some schedule changes to upcoming events.

I’m sure you understand that this is being done in order to play our part in the containment strategies being followed by so many public and private sector organizations, including credit unions.

Click here to visit our COVID-19 Conference and Event Updates page for the most recent information regarding our current event schedule.

Credit Union COVID-19 Support Programs

During COVID-19, Michigan credit unions are taking preventative actions to limit the spread of the virus and are prepared to adapt as conditions continue to change.

Head over to our Credit Union COVID-19 Support Programs to see a is a list of the Michigan credit unions, their available options and any other offerings during the pandemic. This page will be updated as changes occur. If your credit union has a special offer to add, please email us.

Support Page

Additional COVID-19 Credit Union Resources

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