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The following is a constantly growing index of resources for Michigan credit unions during COVID-19, including operations messaging, conference updates and more utilities from federal and state organizations.

Federal Emergency Stimulus Legislation
and Related Guidance: Credit Union Information


State Executive Orders & Related Regulatory Guidance

We've pulled together a list of Michigan's Executive Orders during the coronavirus pandemic that are specifically affecting credit unions.

Credit Union Reopening Best Practices

With the Michigan Stay Home, Stay Safe order no longer in effect, credit unions should focus their efforts toward how to best reopen locations, while safely serving members, and bringing employees back to the workplace. On our credit union guidance to reopening page you'll find:

  • Example Protocols
  • Communicating with the Media
  • Supply Resources

Click here to learn more.

CUSG & Strategic Advisory Compliance Resources

  • Compliance Cares Series
    Free series to address relevant compliance challenges you are facing in this pandemic delivered in brief videos (under 15 minutes).  The videos cover a range of topics - from helping with member needs to getting the credit union back on track after the storm passes.
  • The Compliance Cares Training Kit
    A 25-minute shareable training video that will allow credit unions to purchase and forward the resources to all staff, even those still working remotely without the need to log each employee into eAdvisory.
    • Video features:
      • Training Guide and Checklist – the guide walks employers through:
      • Best practices – transitioning staff back to work
      • Onsite training checklist – a guide to help managers reinforce the training outlined in the video, with detailed instructions and a checklist to keep track of progress
      • Resources – A compilation of both CDC and OSHA resources to use with staff to ensure a consistent approach to a safe and healthy workplace

MiMortgage Relief Partnership

The MiMortgage Relief Partnership was created with more than 200 of Michigan’s financial institutions to recognize and expand upon the measures that these institutions have been taking to assist customers to ensure that no one experiencing financial hardship due to COVID-19 will lose their home during this public health crisis. For many homeowners with mortgages, there’s help. Click on the Consumer's Guide to Coronavirus Mortgage Relief link below for detailed information.

Feel free to share these resources with your members by directing them to our Consumer's Guide to Coronavirus Mortgage Relief at or by using these downloadable social media ready videos.

MCUL Conference and Event Updates

  • Online Educational Events
    To keep credit unions connected and informed during the pandemic, MCUL continues to support training needs through educational webinars and recordings. Each is led by industry experts and cover a variety of topics to support member credit unions.
  • 2021 Conference and Virtual Events
    MCUL continues to support credit unions during the pandemic by transitioning many of our traditional in-person conferences to virtual formats and adding new events to serve our member credit unions. Watch for updates about the 2021 training calendar and for the return of in-person events as the pandemic-environment allows.

Credit Union COVID-19 Support Programs

During COVID-19, Michigan credit unions are taking preventative actions to limit the spread of the virus and are prepared to adapt as conditions continue to change.

Head over to our Credit Union COVID-19 Support Programs to see a is a list of the Michigan credit unions, their available options and any other offerings during the pandemic. This page will be updated as changes occur. If your credit union has a special offer to add, please email us.

Additional COVID-19 Credit Union Resources

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