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CUNA Management School Application

Online Scholarship Application

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* E-mail Address:
* Name of Applicant:
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* Years Served in CU as a Staff Member and/or Volunteer: (Applicants must have completed 2 or more years of full time credit union service)
  Year of CUNA Management School you are entering
(1st, 2nd or 3rd):

  Have you applied for scholarship funds through CUNA or another source?

  If yes, please identify source
  Please indicate the scholarship award you are seeking. You may select more than one:


1. Please provide an overview of no more than 200 words that summarizes your financial need, desire for professional development and commitment to serving in the Credit Union System. This must also express your role in achieving the vision for your credit union and how your continuing professional development will contribute toward the achievement of this vision and the fulfillment of your CU development goals.

  2. Please upload a professional resume.

3. Below, please upload a letter of endorsement from your credit union president, CEO or member of executive management. This letter must state that if you are awarded a MCUF scholarship, your credit union intends to allow your attendance at the CUNA Management School this year which involves additional travel costs and one week attendance in Madison.

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