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Michigan Credit Union League

Banking Built for People
2022 CU Link Campaign

In January 2022, we will continue our fantastic campaign “Banking Built for People.” This campaign showcases everyday people in relatable situations relying on their credit union and emphasizes the core message credit unions care more about their members, and what makes us different makes us better.

Here in Michigan, we’re proud to be the only state in the country with a cooperative advertising strategy for over two decades. We are very pleased with this theme and the messaging that reaches our audience’s core beliefs. As you may know, one of the primary audiences for demonstrating the real-life benefits of credit unions are state and national legislators. CU Link serves as an advocacy tool to raise awareness for all credit unions and to emphasize our impact in people’s lives.

We believe our engaging campaign has the potential to pique the attention of our Governor and lawmakers.

CU Link Stats

2022 Media Plan
Millions of Michiganders have been exposed to the CU Difference, thanks to CU Link's efforts over the last 21 years. Specifically, in 2021, the CU Link ad campaign attracted almost 42 million digital video views with an over 79 percent completion rate. Equally as impressive, the campaign's social media presence (Facebook and Snapchat) generated more than 70 million impressions. Rounding out our 2021 media tactics, the display advertising portion of the campaign (billboard and GSTV) ended on August 31 with estimated impressions totaling 69 million and 530 thousand, respectively.

The ultimate objective of the media plan is to optimize target reach and involvement as much as possible, particularly for younger people who engage with different media forms simultaneously. We intend to research additional emerging media strategies in 2022 to increase engagement among Gen-Z members, resulting in greater credit union exposure for our primary target audience.

Full-Share Participation
For the past six years, 100 percent of Michigan credit unions have contributed to CU Link. We thank you for your commitment to our cooperative advertising efforts and ask that you continue to support the advancement of the credit union movement in our great state. 
With timely messages that will complement your own marketing, the “Banking Built for People” campaign not only engages consumers but also reaches our state and national legislators, a crucial audience who needs to hear about the real-life impacts of credit unions. We strive to make the biggest impact possible with our campaigns.

Please join our cooperative awareness effort for 2022. Increasing your contributions to Full Fair Share tremendously expands the proven strength of the CU Link cooperative campaign to reach consumers, influencers, and lawmakers.

Campaign Benefits
Integration assets will be available in the asset gallery starting in January 2022. Additional benefits include:

  • MCUL will contribute 50 cents for every dollar raised to expand media presence across the state
  • Access to consumer research, including Michigan-based consumer panel survey reports
  • Customizable and downloadable social media content/imagery
  • Turnkey video options for digital and social media 
  • Creative resource and business partner in CUBE TV

Full-Share CU Link Benefits

  • Marketing reimbursement in the form of a CUBE TV gift certificate
  • One complimentary registration to the virtual MCUL Marketing Conference (a $419 value)
  • An invite to an exclusive FFS reception
  • 10 Banking Built for People T-shirts
  • A copy of the consumer awareness research report (a $60,000 value)
  • The ability to participate in the Banking Built for People Story’s Campaign, with a chance to win a custom video (a $5,000 value)!

Sign up for support today!

Together, we can continue to make a difference for Michiganders. Your Full Fair Share contribution will help us reach millions of Michigan residents and raise their awareness of the credit union difference. Please join the CU Link cooperative awareness effort in 2022 by pledging your support today!

For more information, visit or reach out to or your League Representative.

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