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CU Link Cooperative Advertising

Open Your Eyes Campaign

When the COVID-19 pandemic first appeared, the primary objective was to reassure members that credit unions state-wide were open and committed to help in any way they can. As a result, the Michigan Safety and Security campaign was developed. After nearly three months in media markets, the next iteration is needed to offset fatigue and help transition from coronavirus-specific support towards credit union-benefit messaging.

Even as we move beyond stay-at-home orders, we know that the financial crisis triggered by the pandemic will have long-term consequences for individuals and small businesses. Maintaining or gaining financial stability is now front and center in everyone’s minds. Consumers are focused on every dollar.

This next chapter of the campaign will maintain a tone of tempered optimism and empathetic support combined with visual cues from CUNA’s evolving Open Your Eyes campaign. This new phase of the CU Link campaign shows how credit unions always have been and always will be here for Michigan residents, providing stability and serving communities.

A sample of the messaging priorities are listed below:

  • What makes a community? Is it a place on a map or a group of people who know they can depend on each other? At Michigan’s credit unions, it’s our job to look out for you in tough economic times like these. We’re helping thousands of Michigan families with immediate support, like loan modifications and waived fees, and offering financial counseling to guide brighter futures. When it comes to helping our members and communities move forward, we make it personal.
  • We’ll stand by your side in tough times. Through natural disasters and economic downturns, we help our members and communities get back on their feet. We’re here to help you find a way forward.
  • Local business is our business. Sometimes, even the pillars of our communities need a little support. We’re close enough to know your name and built to help you with your unique financial needs.
  • We can make your money go further. When every dollar matters to your household budget, we can help you save by refinancing your auto and home loans for less. Which adds up to more for you.
  • What makes us different makes us better. We’re not for profit and locally owned by our members. We’re built to serve our community and will always be there when people need a helping hand.

A list of omni-channel media assets includes:

  • Four – audio ads
  • Five – video ads
  • Four – social media carousels, across all platforms.

Integration assets are available at the integration portal.

Digital Media Buy
This campaign is expected to run through the remainder of the year, with new messaging released in phases. MCUL is investing more than $900,000 in digital media over the next six months. Digital media markets include:

  • Streaming TV (non-skippable ads on Hulu, Pluto TV) and digital video
  • Streaming radio (Pandora and Spotify)
  • Social Media (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter)
  • Paid search

The overall goal of the media plan is to maximize target reach and engagement as efficiently as possible, particularly among younger adults who consume different sources of media simultaneously (mobile device, tablet, computer, etc.).

For more information on how you can help or join in, contact or your League Representative.

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