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Banking Built for People
2021 CU Link Campaign

Money doesn't make the world go 'round. People do. 

People who go to work every day, who take care of one another, who do their best to build a better life. Michigan’s credit unions are not for profit, which means we put people before numbers. 

We listen and work to help. We stretch hard-earned dollars with better rates and lower fees. We invest in our communities. And while we offer banking services, what’s different is how we measure the bottom line.

Because this is banking built for people.

CU Link Stories

In January 2021, we launched a new CU Link campaign highlighting financial topics that people are concerned with every single day. Our new campaign – “Banking Built for People” – will showcase how everyday people, with relatable concerns during this financially uncertain time, can always count on their credit union. Our goal is to provide solutions to the issues your members face in a relatable and encouraging way. This campaign emphasizes a core message: credit unions care more about their members, and what makes us different, makes us better.

Here in Michigan, we are unique in having had a cooperative advertising campaign for over twenty years. We are very proud of this theme and the messaging that speaks to the heart of each viewer. It’s our not-for-profit model that creates an environment where we can showcase not only financial support but hope and security for each person we serve.

Click here to view our new 30-second digital ad.

As you may know, one of the core audiences for demonstrating the real-life impacts of credit unions is our state and national legislators. CU Link serves as an advocacy tool to lift up all credit unions and highlight the differences we make in the lives of everyday people. We know that large engagement of a campaign catches the eye of our Governor and lawmakers. We strive to make the most impact as possible with this new campaign.

2021 Media Plan
Over the past several years, CU Link has fully optimized media outlets to reach millions of viewers throughout our state. In the first quarter of 2021, the CU Link social campaign produced over 12 million impressions, and the video campaign returned nearly seven million views. These results translated to a substantial increase in web traffic to and the credit union finder. This campaign will run through 2022, with new messaging released in phases.

The overall goal of the media plan is to maximize target reach and engagement as efficiently as possible, particularly among younger adults who consume different sources of media simultaneously (mobile device, tablet, computer, etc.). The 2021 engagement plan has expanded media outreach to Snapchat for increased exposure to younger consumers and Out-of-Home (billboards) and Gas Station TV across the state for those traveling in peak summer months. 

Full-Share Participation
For the past five years, 100% of Michigan credit unions have contributed to CU Link. Not only do we engage consumers, we also reach one of the core audiences for demonstrating the real-life impacts of credit unions: our state and national legislators. We strive to make the biggest impact possible with our campaigns.

Stepping up participation to full fair share tremendously expands the proven strength of the CU Link Michigan cooperative campaign. Because of the generosity and participation of many Michigan credit unions over the years, CU Link Michigan continues a longstanding partnership to make an impact across the state. We know that 56% of the population are members of a credit union here in Michigan, which well exceeds the national average of only 35%.

Full-Share CU Link Benefits
Integration assets will be available in the asset gallery starting in January 2021. Additional benefits include:

  • MCUL will contribute 50 cents for every dollar raised to expand media presence across the state
  • Access to consumer research, including Michigan-based consumer panel survey reports
  • Customizable and downloadable social media content/imagery updated quarterly
  • Turnkey video options: 15-second digital videos and 7-second social media and Snapchat videos available for adding credit union logos and websites 
  • Creative resources and business partners in CUBE TV and DP+

In the past, reimbursement for integration has been heavily fueled by our subsidiary business resources, which have been financially challenged this past year. In the past, some of you have taken advantage of reimbursement dollars -- this program started seven years ago and was heavily fueled by our partnership with Sprint. This past year, Sprint merged and changed its business model which resulted in a substantial loss of revenue to CUSG, which supports MCUL. We, like you, have had to become creative during these times and we have decided to end the reimbursement benefit as part of our restructuring.

While we cannot offer reimbursement with this campaign, MCUL will contribute 50 cents for every dollar raised to expand our media presence across the state. Additionally, our marketing team and creative agency partners are currently hard at work building out digital integration assets, data resources, and additional benefits for full-share credit unions.

For more information on how you can help or join in, contact or your League Representative.

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