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Michigan Credit Union League

Covid-19 Response: CU Link Cooperative Advertising

Michigan Safety and Service Campaign 

As people across Michigan are seeking stability during these uncertain times, the Michigan Credit Union League is harnessing the CU Link campaign to calm and offer reassurance to the state’s 5.5 million members. Utilizing the talent of fellow Michigander Mitch Albom, CU Link ads are now focused on promoting the safety and security that credit unions provide. This series of ads will begin running March 27 through June 30, 2020. 

Integration collateral can be accessed here. Marketing teams may want to bookmark the page as marketing assets will continue to be added as items are developed, including social media video vignettes.  

Messaging strategies include:

  • Reassuring members that funds are federally insured
  • Offering members support with emergency fund options, loan restructuring
  • Demonstrating credit union commitments to community
  • Highlighting the credit union non-for-profit model to build trust
  • Showing that credit unions are open for business, through private appointments, drive-thru service, mobile apps, or call centers
  • Offering a helping hand of calm, because credit unions have been there through all of life’s toughest times.

In an effort to offer a voice of calm during these tumultuous times, MCUL is investing nearly $600,000 in a second-quarter media buy. This amount of investment between March and June is structured to promote large-scale awareness with reassurance and drive consumers to credit unions, branches and the geo-finder via the CU Link website.

Media markets include:

  • Cable and local-broadcast television
  • Streaming TV (non-skippable ads on Hulu, Pluto TV)
  • Digital video
  • AM/FM radio
  • Streaming radio (Pandora and Spotify)
  • Social Media (Facebook)
  • Paid search

The overall goal of the media plan is to maximize target reach and engagement as efficiently as possible, particularly among younger adults who consume different sources of media simultaneously. 

Sample ad:

“Hi, this is Mitch Albom. As I talk to people across Michigan in these uncertain times, everyone is concerned for their jobs, their family finances and how secure their hard-earned money is. Well, if you’re a member of a Michigan credit union, you can take comfort knowing your money is safe and federally insured.  

Credit unions have been there during our toughest times, and now more than ever, you can count on them because they’re not-for-profit and owned by community members like you. They always put people first. They can restructure loans, delay payments or even offer emergency funds to get you through these tough times.

To the five and a half million members Michigan’s credit unions serve and the small business owners they partner with, credit unions are open and ready to help you through private appointments, drive-thru service, mobile apps and online access, or with a phone call. If you need a hand, your credit union is ready to help. You can learn more at”

For more information on how you can help or join in, contact or your League Representative.


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