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Michigan Credit Union League

CU Link Cooperative Advertising

Open Your Eyes to A Credit Union® National Awareness Initiative a Success in Michigan

CU Link is partnered with CUNA and is now running a Michigan-specific Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union® cooperative advertising campaign to maximize credit union awareness beyond geographical borders. The campaign is targeted to adults ages 18 to 54 across the State of Michigan. Since the launch, metrics through the end of 2019 show CU Link cooperative advertising has reached some 13.4 million adults with more than 125 million impressions and 30.9 million completed video views.

In all, the Michigan campaign plan is to place $2 million in advertising each year. 

As one of the largest cooperative ad campaigns in the country, CU Link has served to expand and magnify the impact of the CU Difference to consumers. Paired with collaborative, consumer-based research studies, we're collaborating with CUNA to drive a Michigan-specific messaging that focuses on our brand promises. These messaging enhancements include:

  • Convenience: nearly 1,852 fee free ATMs and shared branches
  • Mobile technology: Convenient access to money, bill pay, remote deposit capture, best-in-class mobile apps, etc.
  • Service diversity and sophistication: Credit unions are full service, offering: mortgages, small business loans, deposits, etc.
  • Do more, save more: Helping credit unions with the share of wallet message
  • Community commitment: We’ve been here through the toughest economic times, we're part of the community, etc.

Our goal is to move beyond awareness and focus on the reasons why people join and partner with credit unions. Working in tandem with our partners, DP+ and CUBEtv studios, we have been in media markets since April 2019. The media plan crosses multiple channels, including Video (Cable TV, Digital Video and Gas Station TV), Audio (Terrestrial and digital radio), Paid Social and Paid Search.

The overall goal of the media plan is to maximize target reach as efficiently as possible. The digital media tactics are designed to extend target reach, particularly among younger adults who consume more digital media every day then they spend watching traditional TV; drive overall efficiency; and create engagement as measured by audio/video ad completion rates and social media actions.

View the campaign television and digital pre-roll spots here

2020 Participant and Full Fair Share Rewards

For 2020, once again, CU Link participants will enjoy expanded campaign assets and collateral. As the collection continues to grow, efforts will be focused on enhancing, simplifying and improving the integration process. Integration assets include: social media posts plus a planned social media playbook for 2020, digital ads, billboards, in branch display/digital posters and more. Full share credit unions will continue to receive up to 50% of their CU Link contributions toward integration with the campaign. Our business partners make the process easy.

MCUL also contributes with a match, maximizing the state-wide media buy. 100% of the contributions and MCUL match are spent directly on advertising in the corresponding markets of the contributing credit unions. The League also covers 100% of other cooperative advertising expenses such as administration, an ad agency retainer and creative production which represents an incredible value and benefit to Michigan credit unions.

Michigan proudly holds a 100% credit union participation rate in its cooperative advertising initiative. CU Link helps credit unions do the following:

  • Expand share of wallet for current members
  • Strengthen awareness through year-round media buys
  • Share campaign assets to expand creative and advertising funds

Updated integration guidelines and assets are available now. Are you ready to get started?

Contact us at or your League Rep to learn more.

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