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Michigan Credit Union League

Credit Union Impact Report

Serving the Underserved

2018 CRI Cover

Our goal is simple. We are here to serve our state, grow our communities and help our neighbors — especially those most in need.

The 2021 Credit Union Impact Report reflects these developments. The Spring issue, in particular, is filled with stories and data that reveal just how much Michigan credit unions continued to evolve during a difficult year.

From community enrichment initiatives, small business support and creating a diverse workplace to better serve members, you have been a financial partner that members can trust. We are proud of the work you’re doing and the impact you’re making on our state.

In the 2021 Spring issue of the Credit Union Impact Report, you can read more about exactly how our movement is making a difference and be proud of the lives you’ve impacted.

Credit unions can use the publication when they talk to lawmakers, local leaders and other interested parties about the credit union difference. Credit unions are invited to request free glossy printed copies by contacting Shawn Glinis at 800-262-6285 Ext: 449

2018 CRI Report

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