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Youth Financial Education

The MCUL Financial Education Council has compiled and made available time-tested financial literacy presentations. The presentation kits include an overview of the subject matter, the recommended age or grade, presentation detail, needed materials and correlations to Michigan educational standards and benchmarks. Questions about the presentations may be directed to the person listed on the “Contact” line of the presentation information sheet. Note: Presentation kits vary in comprehensiveness and completeness. While all kits include some ready-to-use materials, additional materials may be needed as indicated.  Please refer to the presentation information sheet in each kit for more details.

Teen Financial Reality Fair

The Michigan Credit Union Foundation (MCUF) provides materials and training to help credit unions, chapters and groups hold these fun and fast-paced interactive sessions that can make a lasting impact on the financial understanding of teen participants. Access the introductory webinar to learn more about how this hands-on financial learning experience works and how your credit union can be involved.

You May See It Everyday but What Do You Know About Money?

This presentation covers bartering/trade to cultural currency to common currency; history of U.S. currency how currency is made; and cross-cultural history of the ‘$’ sign.

The Penny

This presentation addresses coin exchanges and values; simple addition using coin values; recognition of coin combinations equaling other coins; and historical investigation on items valued at one cent.

Savings Cans

This presentation addresses saving, spending and sharing money; recognizing the names and values of a penny, dime, nickel and quarter; and how money can be saved, shared and spent.

Arthur’s Pet Business

This basic presentation addresses fundamental economic concepts.

Check it Out 

All about checking accounts for Middle and High School students.

Needs and Wants

This presentation helps Middle and High School students understand the difference between needs and wants. Students will learn that financial decisions are influenced by environment and the economics of the region they live in.

Budget Lesson

This fun and interactive lesson plan uses candy to illustrate the concept of a balanced budget and the importance of having a spending plan to Middle and High School students.

Consumer Credit Basics

The basic information about lending and credit that everyone needs to know in order to use credit wisely and enjoy personal financial health.  Appropriate for Middle and High School students as well as adult audiences 

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