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Student Credit Unions

Michigan credit unions operate hundreds of in-school credit union branches in Michigan. Credit union branches normally operate in concert with classroom instruction on personal finance and many are student-run. While students are making regular deposits at the student branch, they're also learning money management and career skills.  

Credit Union School Branch Handbook:  A comprehensive how-to guide for establishing a student credit union branch compiled by experienced financial educators from the Financial Education Council of the Michigan Credit Union League. 

Student Credit Union Branch Listing:  Be sure to report your student branches to CUNA PFI!  To access this directory go to the CUNA Personal Finance Initiative web page, click on "Resources for youth" and then click on "In school branch directory".   The directory includes access to CUNA's online reporting form used to include your student branch in the directory, or to update your student branch information.

Establish a School Partnership:  Financial Education- A Positive Partnership.  Use this PowerPoint presentation to show teachers, parents, and administrators the value of a partnership with your credit union for classroom presentations and school credit union branches. This presentation created by the MCUL’s Financial Education Council can be customized for your credit union and contains speaker notes and tips. 

MCUL's Financial Education Coordinator, Beth Troost, is available to help with starting or operating student branches.  Contact Beth at Beth.Troost@mcul.org.


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