Michigan Credit Union League

Michigan Credit Union League

Executive Office

  • Dave Adams: President & Chief Executive Officer
  • Drew Egan: President/COO - CU Solutions Group
  • Ken Ross: Executive Vice President/Chief Operating Officer
  • Shawn Wolbert: CFO/SVP of Lending and Operations Solutions

Corporate Planning & Executive Support

  • Mary Rabban: Director, Corporate Planning and Executive Support

Legislative and Regulatory Affairs

  • Sarah Stevenson: Regulatory and Legislative Affairs Specialist
  • Mary Jo White: Regulatory and Legislative Affairs Specialist
  • Kathryn Hall: Executive Assistant

Government Affairs

  • Kirk Hanna: VP of Government Affairs
  • Jordan Kingdon: Director of Government Affairs
  • Melissa Osborn: Political Affairs Coordinator
  • Ashley Ligon: Legislative Affairs Coordinator

Education and Events

  • Renee Werth: VP of Education & Events
  • Janet Ormsby: Events Manager
  • Jennifer Ganem: Marketing Research Specialist
  • Robyn Heron: Education & Sponsorship Specialist
  • Stephanie Kuchuk: Administrative Assistant
  • Monica Strucinski: Meeting Planner
  • Emily Thelen: Event Coordinator
  • Beth Troost: Financial Education Manager/Executive Director Michigan CU Foundation

Corporate Marketing & Communications

  • Maureen Lafrinere: Marketing Manager
  • Bryan Laviolette: Information Services Coordinator
  • Laura Michels: Media Relations Specialist
  • Daniel Curren: Marketing Communications Coordinator

MCUL & Affiliates Operations

  • Shawn Wolbert: CFO/SVP of Lending and Operations Solutions

Human Resources

  • Jennifer Dickey: Chief Culture Officer
  • Claire Lizear: Human Resources Manager
  • Chayna Eno: Human Resources Specialist

Finance and Administration

  • George Khalaf: Director
  • Heidi Kubinski: Executive Assistant
  • Michelle Merlo: Accounting Assistant
  • Brook Parkinson: Accountant
  • Maryann Przebienda: Accounting Assistant
  • Barbara Roth: Accountant

Administrative Services

  • Susan Barker: Manager, Administrative Services
  • Nancy Scarantino: Recptionist/Administrative Assisant

Michigan Solutions

  • Steve Willis: Vice President
  • Alan Babcock: Lending and Insurance Consultant
  • Petrina Edmondson: Administrative Assistant
  • Amy Heyduck: League Representative
  • Stephanie Klocinski: League Representative
  • Cara Kurtz: League Representative
  • Darl McLean: League Representative
  • Mary Turczyn: Leauge Representative

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