More than Two Dozen in Washington for Hike the Hill

More than two dozen credit union leaders and staff from MCUL & Affiliates are in Washington this week for Hike the Hill where they will thank the Michigan congressional delegation, which has unanimously offered its support of the credit union movement and the federal credit union tax exemption.

David Adams, CEO of MCUL & Affiliates, said making sure the lawmakers know how much credit unions appreciate their support is important.

"Michigan will have 25 credit union leaders in Washington thanking our congressional delegation for their unanimous support of the credit union industry and our tax exemption, and asking them to provide credit unions and their members with a voice and a strong defense as tax reform efforts move forward," Adams said.

"In addition, credit union leaders will share a credit union perspective on GSE reform, general regulatory relief and other important issues with our lawmakers."

CUNA has scheduled a National Online Rally for Oct. 2 to coincide with Hike the Hill. The physical rally will take place at CU House in Washington starting at 2 p.m., and the event will be live streamed at and on The Hill Newspaper website.

The goal is to “light up” social media through this national virtual rally in support of the "Don't Tax My Credit Union" campaign via Twitter and Facebook. To truly make this a national rally, CUNA and the MCUL ask that you engage from home. Encourage your credit union’s employees to wear “Don’t Tax My Credit Union” T-shirts and watch the event together. Consider videoing or photographing any “watch parties” and tweet the photos and videos or post on Facebook. Be sure to include the hashtags #DontTaxMyCU and #CUrally.

The event will be hosted by Paul Barry, an award-winning journalist and radio and television personality in the Washington area, will no doubt be recognized as the long-running emcee of the CUNA GAC. The rally will also feature appearances by CUNA staff, outside experts and coalition partners, league and credit union leaders, and most importantly, credit union members from across the country. Speakers will participate in person at CU House, via recorded video, and remotely using video conferencing.

The principal focus of the rally will be to encourage credit union advocates to contact Congress via email and social media – and to ask that Congress “Tweet us back” statements of support for the credit union tax exemption. The “Tweet Congress” link on will feature pre-loaded messages to that effect.
 You can also use other social media outlets to encourage your members to reach out to Congress.


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