CUBE TV Update

CUBE TV is the MCUL's online video portal, with regular updates of topics and information for CUs: 

CU National Update: For the week of May 6, CUBE TV’s Mona Shand has the latest on the CFPB’s final rule on remittance transfers. Find out when it will take effect and what it will mean for your credit union. Also, hear about a potential cyber-attack that could be targeting credit unions this week. And in this week’s CU Community Spotlight, hear how an Alabama credit union is honoring one of its hero members. 
CU Compliance Connection: This presentation will provide information on a board of director's responsibilities and is presented in conjunction with the board responsibility information that is available for you on Infosight.

Product Showcase: MCUL Grassroots Coordinator Ashley Ligon, along with credit union officials discusses the importance and ease of the Lapel Pin Program, MCUL’s premier state PAC fundraiser.
Michigan Priority Report: MCUL & Affiliates CEO Dave Adams explains the theme behind this year’s AC&E. Find out what “Positively Connected” means for you and your credit union.
Special Reports: The MCUL & Affiliates Annual Convention and Exposition is fast approaching and now is the time to know before you go. Watch this short video for informative information you need to know.

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