Blue Ox Chapter and Other MCUF Supporters Help Provide Professional Development Scholarships

The Blue Ox Chapter understands how important it is for Michigan’s credit unions to maintain high-quality credit union leadership in the future. That is why the chapter, along with more than 100 other Michigan credit unions, chapters and business supporters, has made a donation in 2013 to the Michigan CU Foundation. Providing professional development scholarships to credit union employees is one of the main funding activities for the foundation. 

In a letter that was sent with a $1,000 donation to the MCUF, the Blue Ox Chapter Chair Mary Nefske explained why the chapter supported a second- or third-year CUNA Management School student: “The maturing of the baby boomers has positioned credit unions to potentially lose a large amount of experience and knowledge. CUNA Management School can provide the training and skills specific to the credit union industry that is needed to support a leadership changeover. Since it can be difficult for credit unions to commit financially to long-term training programs, we are proud to provide funding for these efforts.” 

CUNA Management School is a three-year program designed specifically for credit union management personnel who aspire to achieve senior-level management and leadership positions in the credit union system. Those who attend CMS receive advanced academic training with practical, real-life applications that will prove invaluable upon returning to their credit union. 

At its April 30 board meeting, the MCUF trustees awarded three full scholarships and seven partial scholarships to the 2013 CUNA Management School. These scholarships are awarded from two memorial funds set up specifically for CMS Scholarships, the Vanderveen Memorial Fund and the Ebaugh/Lesnieski Memorial fund and from the MCUF’s general fund. 

Full scholarships were awarded to third-year CMS student Jill Proffitt from Shore to Shore Community FCU; second-year student Melissa Hacker from Safe Harbor CU, and first-year CMS student Morgan Rescorla from Community Schools CU. Seven partial scholarships of $500 each were also awarded to Jacquelyn Vogel, Graco Federal CU; Jon Amazeen, Advantage One FCU; Debbie Edwardsen, Peninsula FCU; Johnna Scherzer, Dort FCU; Clint Holshoe, FEDCom CU; Valerie Schuette, CP FCU; and Jessica Roshek, Genisys CU

In addition to scholarships to CMS, MCUF provides scholarships for other credit union professional development activities to small-asset-sized credit unions and to other credit unions with financial need. The MCUF also provides funding support for community reinvestment grants and financial education training.  As a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, this support is provided by the MCUF through the generous donations of credit unions, chapters and organizations affiliated with the credit union industry. See the MCUF website for information on scholarships and grants or to make a donation. 

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