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Show your Commitment to Youth Financial Education and Win Prizes

Michigan credit unions are committed to youth financial education and we’ve been able to show that primarily through reporting totals gathered by the National Youth Involvement Board (NYIB) and CUNA. Through this reporting we can see that historically, Michigan credit unions are engaged in youth financial education more extensively than any state in the nation. During the last school year, Michigan credit unions reported to the NYIB that they conducted 2,001 financial education presentations reaching 46,976 youth. And, as reported to CUNA, 59 Michigan credit unions operate 395 student credit union branches in the state.  The actual numbers are likely even larger as some activities go unreported. 

Credit unions in Michigan and around the nation understand the importance of financial education for youth but they don’t always take the time to report their efforts. Reporting is important to show our commitment in reaching and teaching youth. In order to encourage reporting of youth financial education presentations, the National Youth Involvement Board is offering weekly incentives to help reach its lofty goal of documenting that credit unions will reach more than 500,000 students this reporting year.
Credit unions are encouraged to report youth financial education presentations to the National Youth Involvement Board website at Qualifying presentations can be made by credit union employees or credit union volunteers. All presentations are reported and recorded individually. Presentations can be conducted in a broad range of educational settings, including a traditional classroom, scout troop meeting, church group, community group, etc.
The NYIB executive committee has recently announced the second annual reporting contest for April and May 2013. Each Monday, they will draw a random reporter from the previous week to win a $10 Amazon gift card. Just report your youth financial literacy presentations at to be eligible. The first winner will be drawn on today for the previous week. So don’t wait to report, win prizes and cheer on this amazing network as we aim for 500,000 students reached in 2013.

For more information about reporting see the NYIB presentation guidelines here . Student credit unions should be reported separately to CUNA at 
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