PAC Fundraising Entering 2012 Home Stretch

With 2012 winding down, many credit unions will be checking in to see how close they are to reaching the 100% mark in PAC fundraising.

As of Nov. 5, the total amount raised for MCULAF (State PAC) was $164,024, which is 82 percent of the annual goal of $200,000. The amount raised for MCULLAF (Federal) PAC was $263,862, which is 88 percent of the annual goal of $300,000. At this time last year, $150, 801 was raised for the state PAC, and $247,646 for the federal PAC, showing that in 2012 we increased our fundraising by nearly $30,000. The most successful fundraising programs for the state PAC are the lapel pin ($89,458) and casual day ($19,563) programs. The federal PAC saw increases in both candy bar sales ($34,269) and our Grand Raffle ($170,565 to date) campaign.

“With just under two months to go, we are looking forward to working with our credit unions to reach 100 percent of more of their state and federal PAC goals. This is shaping up to be another strong year for PAC fundraising,” said Kieran Marion, MCUL & Affiliates vice president of government affairs. “Please take advantage of the remaining weeks of the year in an effort to reach your credit union’s state and federal PAC goals. These targets are within reach if every credit union makes a strong effort between now and the end of the year.”

To check on your credit union and chapter’s PAC fundraising progress, go to the PAC Fundraising Goals Report webpage. For assistance with PAC fundraising, contact Kieran Marion at or Jordan Kingdon at

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