Business Lending Featured in Radio Ads

CUcorp has funded a fall radio buy for the Michigan credit union industry, and business lending is part of the message.

Beginning on Oct. 8, two radio spots will go on air to help raise awareness that credit unions have increased lending during the last few years, and continue to support local businesses and Michigan’s economy. The radio buy will be expanded with print ads in business publications.

This radio buy complements and supports our legislative objective of trying to get the MBL cap raised in Congress, our highest legislative priority, and is made possible due to the success of the MCUL subsidiary businesses, largely driven by the very successful Invest in America program. The buy is funded by CUcorp, the MCUL's wholly owned subsidiary, without using any cooperative advertising dollars.

These supplemental media dollars are used to promote causes that are important to our industry such as Invest in America, member business lending, mortgage lending, support for Save to Win, etc. Cooperative advertising dollars are a separate fund used for purposes that assist all credit unions.

The business lending radio ads will ask consumers to go to to learn more about credit union business lending, where we will have a large banner ad on the home page that links directly to the business lending page within the site. From the business lending page, consumers will be able to run a search by ZIP code that generates a list of credit unions that do business lending.

Credit unions that want to come up in the search results are encouraged to update their profile pages on

  1. Under “Search Product Selector,” check “Business Loans and Services.” This will ensure that your credit union is included in the search results.
  2. You may also want to update your profile page to include Business Loans and Services as one of your featured products, which would allow you to include a sentence about business loans on your profile page and a link to the business lending area of your website.

The business lending radio spots will run through Dec. 23, with print and digital business publication advertising in October, November and December. In the October issue of the Greater Lansing Business Monthly, an interview with MCUL & Affiliates CEO Dave Adams appears along with a business lending ad. Other publications include:

Business lending radio spots will run in major metro areas of Detroit, Flint, Grand Rapids and Lansing, and in other counties where most credit unions offer business loans and services.
After the presidential election in November, as consumers turn their attention to holiday shopping, radio spots supporting Invest in America are scheduled. The spots will focus on member discounts from Sprint and GM. These spots will continue through Christmas to take advantage of holiday gift buying and year-end auto sales.
If you have questions about this media buy, contact Maureen Lafrinere at

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