Card Skimming Bills Introduced in the House

A five-bill, bi-partisan card skimming package was recently introduced in the state House of Representatives and referred to the House Criminal Justice Committee. Bill sponsors include: Reps. Kurt Heise, R-Plymouth; Kevin Cotter, R-Mount Pleasant; Mike Callton, R-Nashville; John Kivela, D-Marquette, and Ellen Cogan Lipton, D-Huntington Woods. The package includes House Bills 5050-5054.

Card skimming as a significant form of fraud and loss was brought to the attention of the MCUL by a Michigan credit union as a topic that would require legislation beyond existing law to deter. Financial institutions have found that skimming devices are readily available for sale, and take a minimal amount of time to install on ATMs, gas pumps, etc. Within a minute or two, criminals are able to install a card reading device and PIN capturing device (generally in the form of a camera) onto an ATM or other financial transaction device and begin collecting the personal information of unsuspecting consumers. Currently, there are conflicting penalty provisions in state law that need to be resolved and jurisdictional adjustments are needed to facilitate easier prosecution.

MCUL has been informed that as of today, this package will be up for testimony in committee Oct. 23. MCUL will continue working with the sponsors of this package as it moves through the House and into the Senate.

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